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Click here to see Cisterns delivered!!

Here is a matching grant project initiated by the North Stockton Rotary that is seeking partners from either inside or outside the district:

This matching grant will provide clean water for many Mayan families in the departments of Alta Verapaz and El Peten, Guatemala.  Very few of the Q’eq’chi Mayan have clean water. To access many of the villages, one must walk or use water routes. There is no running water; no electricity; no telephone; just one room huts with dirt floors. These Mayan have their own dialect. Few people speak Spanish.

There is no available clean water in the area. Mayan women walk three kilometers or more to get fresh water for the family. This routine is repeated every day throughout the year. The life of these poor Mayans could be greatly improved through the installation of rainwater capture systems (cisterns). These systems or cisterns hold 1700 liters or 440 gallons of rainwater. Some of the present systems are providing water for cooking, drinking, washing clothes and bathing.  Another very important benefit to the Mayans would be a major reduction in sickness, especially for children. Diarrhea and dysentery are two serious health problems in both departments.

The rainwater systems are available from a company in Guatemala. Maintenance is minimal throughout the year. Cleaning every two months with bleach and soap is all that is needed. The basic cost for one unit is $230. This includes the tank, gutters, and corrugated metal. The local families that benefit from the cisterns also are very willing to assist in the installation of the units. Most families will have one unit, some families could have two units.

For more information on how you could participate as a partner in this or other 2005-06 matching grant projects contact World Community Services Chairman Mel Hansen or write to the webmaster.

Seed Project in Central America - Through our "Seeds of Hope" Program we hope to help the people in Central America plant plentiful gardens so they can feed themselves and their neighbors.

***North Stockton Rotary is mostly known for our Seeds of Hope project done by Mel Hansen. Mel has helped us sow seeds around the World.